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(Pogona vitticeps): We offer an amazing variety of colors, including new, hypomelanistic, leucistic and high-color morphs developed and bred exclusively at our facility.

SANDFIRE: From Sandfire Dragon Ranch stock, our offspring are a rich orange color.
Hatchlings, already showing color…$250, sexable…$250-$350

BLOOD BEARDED DRAGONS: We've been working on it for years, but this is the first offering of our Blood Dragons. Rich red color is evident from the start. Adults are a nice, vibrant red....hatchlings...$250

GERMAN GIANTS: Our German bloodlines have proven to be the hardiest and fastest growing bearded dragons that we have worked with. Great fertility and large clutches (we had one clutch of 68 eggs) make this lineage a great addition to any breeding colony....hatchlings…. $100, sexable juveniles.....$125-$150

SUNBURST!!!: We've added new yellows to our original groups to make these the most yellow ever! 80%-90% yellow with orange and red patterns on head and body. Tail is yellow/orange banded. A Dragon's Den original- Spectacular!....hatchlings….$200, sexable….$250-$300

SNOW & HYPOMELANISTIC BEARDED DRAGONS!!! Incredible shades of white, pink, yellow, lavender, most patternless. Babies are translucent pink at hatching, turning beige at 1-2 days old. Color continues to lighten for several months. By 6 months, most are patternless. Adults are white, pale yellow and white, or pink and white.... hatchlings…. $100 each, sexable juveniles....$150-$200

SALMON HYPOS: Our Salmons are 2nd generation offspring from our original Snow x Sandfire and Snow x Blood breedings. Animals range from pink to orange, many with lavender markings, often patternless as adults.
Hatchlings.... $250, sexable juveniles....$250-$300

LEUCISTIC BEARDED DRAGONS!!! Our leucistic bloodline is unbelievable. Some of our animals have grown to over 22" in less than a year. These are beautiful white lizards, some with incredible shades of blue and lavender. Adults are nearly solid white!
Sexable juveniles.... $500-$600.

HETEROZYGOUS for LEUCISTIC: These are the non-leucistic offspring produced by Leucistic males and Het females. Although normal in appearance, they carry the genetic material to produce Leucistic offspring. When a Leucistic animal is bred to a Het for Leucistic animal, roughly 50% of the offspring will be Leucistics and 50% Hets. The offspring of 2 Hets bred together should be about 25% leucistics.
Sexable juveniles....$200-$250

AUSTRALIAN SPINY-TAILED GECKO ( Diplodactylus ciliaris): Our offspring are up to 60% orange! Very mellow, handleable, easy to care for...absolutely incredible! 2 month old juveniles….$400.

NEW CALEDONIAN CRESTED GECKO (Rhacodactylus ciliatus): We are now selling 5th generation offspring from several unrelated breeding groups. Our animals have been selectively bred for color since 1995. Many color morphs including FIRE, RED, NEON ORANGE, SPOTTED and ORANGE DALMATIAN. 2 month old juveniles…..$100. Sexable sub-adults….. $100-$200. Adults.....$150-$300

CHINESE LEOPARD GECKOS (Goniurosaurus luii): Ground color is flecked in purple and lavender with bright orange crossbands. Tail is banded in black and white. After three generations of selective breeding, I believe our offspring are nicer than any around. Must see to believe! Limited numbers of High-Orange offspring available in 2001...juveniles...$100-$150

ALBINO LEOPARD GECKOS (Eublepharis macularius): We are now producing a variety of exceptional albinos (Las Vegas line), including Banded, Jungle, Tangerine, Patternless, plus a few special projects! Prices for our Albinos start at $100.

HYPOMELANISTIC-TANGERINE LEOPARD GECKOS: These are some of the prettiest lizards in the world! Our breeders are chosen for one thing: BRIGHT ORANGE color! Orange color is evident in babies as young as 1-2 weeks...must see to believe! In 2002 we expect to have some of the nicest Hypo-Tangerine Carrot-tails in the World! Hypo Tangerines starting at $100.

Terms and Shipping Information
All orders must be paid in full before animals are shipped. We accept Visa, MasterCard, cashier checks, and money orders. We ship throughout the year to destinations where "next-day" service is available via UPS, USPS, Delta DASH, or another carrier.

International Orders
We have been shipping internationally since 1994 and we encourage your order. We are experienced exporters and we take great care to insure that all orders are thoughtfully packaged according to weather and destination. There are no C.I.T.E.S. documents or special permits required to export any of the animals produced at Dragon's Den Herpetoculture, however, rules regarding the importation of animals vary from country to country. Please be familiar with your local laws.

You must notify us within 24 hours of receiving your lizards in order to activate the following guarantee: Our animals are guaranteed to be honestly represented and to arrive in perfect condition or they will be replaced promptly. In addition, we will guarantee their health for 30 days after arrival, provided they are housed under similar conditions to those described in our Bearded Dragon caresheet. Failure to follow the guidelines offered in the caresheet will void any guarantee. Regarding color: We expect animals from certain bloodlines to look similar in color to their parents, but It is impossible for us to know exactly what an animal will look as it ages. There are many variables involved in determining a lizard’s color, including light, temperature, mood, color of the enclosure, etc. Because of this, we can not guarantee how a particular lizard will look as it grows and ages.

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