(Pogona vitticeps): We offer an amazing variety of colors, including new, hypomelanistic, leucistic and high-color morphs developed and bred exclusively at our facility.

From Sandfire Dragon Ranch stock, our offspring are a rich orange color.


We've been working on it for years, but this is the first offering of our Blood Dragons. Rich red color is evident from the start.



Our German bloodlines have proven to be the hardiest and fastest growing bearded dragons that we have worked with. Great fertility and large clutches (we had one clutch of 68 eggs) make this lineage a great addition to any breeding colony.


We've added new yellows to our original groups to make these the most yellow ever! 80%-90% yellow with orange and red patterns on head and body. Tail is yellow/orange banded. A Dragon's Den original- Spectacular!




Incredible shades of white, pink, yellow, lavender, most patternless. Babies are translucent pink at hatching, turning beige at 1-2 days old. Color continues to lighten for several months. By 6 months, most are patternless. Adults are white, pale yellow and white, or pink and white....


Our Salmons are 2nd generation offspring from our original Snow x Sandfire breedings. Animals range from pink to orange, many with lavender markings, often patternless as adults.



Our leucistic bloodline is unbelievable. Some of our animals have grown to over 22" in less than a year. These are solid white from day 1. Hatchlings are white, juveniles are white, adults are WHITE!


Here is a good example of how to house Bearded Dragons: There are 2 animals visible in this photo; one on the basking site (R) and another on the perch (L) directly beneath the UV light. It is very important to make sure that your Bearded Dragon has access to a basking area that is at least 110 degrees F.

It is equally important to provide exposure to UV light. I recommend Zoo Med's Reptisun 5.0 florescent tubes (in white fixture visible on top of cage) extending the full length of the enclosure. Make sure your dragons can get to within 8"-10" of the UV tubes for best results.