New Spotted Dunner Morph!

Spotted Dunner Bearded Dragons!

The Spotted Dunners are absent of almost all traditional pattern. Instead, they are covered with spots, usually ranging from 1/16 to 1/4 inch in diameter.  Their tails often show a combination of banding and the “normal” Dunner pattern. The spotting is even more evident on specimens that are also leatherbacks. Spotted Dunners are another variation from within the Dunner bloodline. When we bred our Spotted Dunners to other Dunners, roughly 50% of the resulting offspring were the spotted form.

Spotted red

Leatherback Spotted Dunner

hypo leather spotted dunner female HLS-A, 13in


Hypomelanistic Leatherback Spotted Dunner

spotted leatherback dunner male #X-3, 17in, $200



Classic Leatherback Spotted Dunner